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Sempertron Secure encrypted email

End-to-end secure email encryption

  • Secure email encryption for Enterprises, Organizations & SMB.
  • Private cloud hosting gives robust protection from prying eyes.
  • End to end encrypted email for everyone.

Sempertron is an email encryption system designed for businesses and organizations that need to secure their messages so that only the intended recipient can read them. 

No special client software or plug-ins are required and messages originated using Sempertron can be securely read and replied to using any current desktop computer, tablet or smartphone.

Secure email encryption for your business - no special clients or plug-ins required

  256-bit AES encryption

SSL encryption to TLS 1.2 with Perfect Forward Secrecy and more, gives an A-grade security analysis from Qualys SSL Labs.

Secure encrypted email - 256-bit AES encryption


  No special apps needed

Sempertron works without plugins on today's web enabled smart- phones, tablets and desktops: iOS, Windows, Linux or Android.

Secure encrypted email - no special apps needed


  Man-in-the-middle denial

On premise installation with no third-party access to messages. No messages or keys are stored in the Cloud - out of your control.

Secure encrypted email man-in-the-middle denial


  TFA OTP Auth

Two–Factor Authentication with one-time passwords ensure emails reach the intended recipient.

Secure encrypted email - shared-secret authentication


  Auditing  &  Reporting

Message retention with complete message metadata can be retained for financial or other regulatory environments.

Secure encrypted email - auditing and reporting


  Deniability  &  Silence

Full automatic message and metadata deletion with overwriting for deniability in case of seizure. Silent mode prevents traceability.

Secure encrypted email - deniability and silence


Sempertron is a software appliance that you own, placed in a location you control dedicated to providing end-to-end encrypted email for your business or organization. Sempertron can work as a stand-alone email encryption system or integrate with existing email services to provide end-to-end encrypted secure email for both ad hoc individual messages and bulk processes such as billing. Sempertron email encryption installations can manage the secure email requirements for organizations of all sizes, from many thousands in an Enterprise down to a single law office. 

Sempertron solves the usability problem

Messages that should be private are sent insecurely all the time because encryption has been too difficult. Sempertron solves that problem. It enables any company to securely communicate without relying on third-party Cloud services, or requiring their recipients to juggle cryptographic keys or install Active-X or any other plug-ins. 
Sempertron email encryption manages the automatic account creation so that recipients can access their messages in the browser or web enabled device of their own choosing. Sempertron email encryption can run in high security mode requiring exchanged shared-secrets or in straight announce mode. Messages can be retained for SEC Rule 17a-4 and equivalent audit purposes, or Sempertron can be set to run in Deniability mode where messages are deleted.

You can't trust that 'man-in-the-middle'

Messages are only reliably secure if you control where and how the messages are stored, how they are encrypted and have control of the keys. This means that you cannot hand control of message or key storage to 'someone else'. Sempertron email encryption enables any business to have end-to-end encrypted secure email that they fully control without needing specialist staff.

Cloud services are very convenient but they are inherently insecure. You do not know where your data is stored. You do not know who has access to your data or the shared keys that enable messages to be read. You will not know if your message store is being examined by an agency or other third-party because you cannot control the physical security of your data. Sempertron gives you the convenience of a Cloud service with the ability to totally control your data.

Sempertron secures your business communication- easily.

Operationally Sempertron email encryption is very easy to use. Messages, with your corporate branding, are created and stored securely and encrypted on the Sempertron software appliance using SSL Certificate technology. A separate notification email is automatically sent to the intended recipient that can be received on any email client or email-enabled device. 

The recipient uses that link to access their message and any attachments, and Sempertron manages the account and password creation to make that possible. In a similar way, the recipient can reply to the message and send attachments.

Full dedicated support is available from installation to configuration, and we will work with your existing technology supplier to give your company or organization the professional service it requires.

Email encryption

Sempertron email encryption uses 256-bit AES encryption SSL certificates to TLS 1.2 with Perfect Forward Secrecy enabled. Certificates are provided by independent secure certificate providers and they are created uniquely for your business or organization. We do not provide the certificate, but we provide free assistance so that you can obtain and install your encryption certificate from a supplier you trust.


Sempertron email encryption works under multi-factorial authentication protocols to ensure that messages can only be read by the intended recipient. This is often called bank-grade access control. In addition to normal username and password Sempertron provides two-factor shared-secret authentication, requiring users to initially authenticate using information only you and they know. This can either be something simple such as an existing account number, or it can be a specific secret shared ‘out of band’ by mail, phone or word of mouth.


In many situations it is perfectly acceptable to send the recipient of the email message a separate Notification to announce the existence of the main encrypted communication. However, in some situations not only do you want the email to be secure and encrypted, you also want to eliminate message metadata that allows an eavesdropper to create an impression of the message patterns, even if they are unable to read the actual encrypted message at any time. Sempertron makes it straightforward to run in Silent mode so that the intended recipient collects messages rather than having the message pushed towards them.
Audit vs Deletion

In most situations email messages need to be retained for audit, say in a regulatory environment. Sempertron provides full message retention and audit trail including whether or not a message that was sent was opened and so presumed read. Messages that are ‘deleted’ when Sempertron is running in normal Audit mode are still retained in the database even though they can no longer be accessed by the User. In some situations, however, it is desirable that messages cannot be recovered at all, so that should the server be physically seized and access to the encrypted system be required there are no messages that can be recovered.

You can only trust yourself

Cloud and third-party hosted solutions are inherently insecure as recent press revelations have made only too clear. In addition, all message systems are subject to the Patriot Act, which means that U.S. authorities can demand that a company must hand over whatever information it has about a user, without necessarily letting the user know, regardless of the country in which the user lives or where the information is stored. Sempertron email encryption means that now you can always know who has had access to your messages. 

ISO IEC 27001 Information Security Management
Installed as recommended Sempertron can form the basis of an ISO/IEC 27001 ISM system.You control the server and where it lives yourself - that’s the Sempertron difference. Sempertron protects your messages from being read by an eavesdropper by using SSL certificates to encrypt them. Sempertron is behind your own router firewall giving you good control over attacks. Only your own trusted staff have access to Sempertron, removing the 'bad egg' in some datacenter problem. Only you have access to the server itself, giving you full physical protection over hard drives, and you know for sure that your important information is not being stored or mirrored to some overseas datacenter.

The Sempertron email encryption difference

Sempertron email encryption is different because it makes it possible for any business or organization to install and maintain their own secure message system themselves - at low cost and without the need for specialist technical knowledge. Secure and encrypted email and messaging is not new in itself, and neither are announcements telling you that “you’ve got mail”. HTTPS webmail systems go back to the dawn of the Internet, and email notifiers with embedded links are ubiquitous. The Sempertron email encryption difference is the unique installation system that manages all of the complex database creation and configuration processes so that the Sempertron system can be up and running in minutes - not days of frustration.









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